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What is a Section 5 Notice?

You might be visiting this website because you have received a letter from your freeholder offering you the chance to buy the freehold of your building (the Notice).

We have put together a short video to help you understand the significance of the documentation you have received and what actions you need to consider. For further advice please click here to contact us.

What is a Section 5 Notice?

Our videos have been designed to help you gain an overview and better understanding of the Right of First Refusal but it is important to remember that they are for information only.
It is vital that you seek valuation and legal advice for your specific circumstances.

It is important to remember that the majority of your neighbours should also have received this offer. This could be a great opportunity for you and your fellow leaseholders to take full control of your property!

However, this can be a rather daunting process – particularly if you don’t know your neighbours well or if many of the flats in your building are rented – and there are very tight legal timeframes to be aware of.

If you would like to know more about the process and deadlines involved and how best to manage group action, please click here.

View our video guides to understanding Section 5 Notices