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Why use S5 Solutions?

Using S5 Solutions

S5 Solutions is brought to you by Leasehold Solutions, the market leader in project managing lease extensions and freehold acquisitions.

We have been working with owners of flats and leasehold houses for 16 years and passionately believe that every leaseholder, where possible, should purchase the freehold of their building and gain full autonomy over their own property and financial destiny.

The process is lengthy and complicated, and it is vital that you seek valuation and legal advice for your specific circumstances without delay.

We offer a no obligation service where you can talk through the Right of First Refusal you have been offered.  We are also happy to advise you on your best course of action, again with no obligation.

It is important to understand the tight legal deadlines surrounding a Section 5 Notice. If you do not respond within the timeframe - even if you are one day late - you will lose your legal right to buy the freehold of your property and your freeholder will then be free to sell it on to whomever they wish.

We can project manage the entire process on your behalf, quickly uniting your neighbours and coordinating the work of the numerous parties involved. These could include the solicitor and valuer representing you, the professional representatives of the freeholder as well as any other stakeholders with an interest in the building, such as managing agents, commercial lessees, live-in porters/caretakers - the list goes on!

As project managers, we will coordinate all aspects of the transaction and keep all leaseholders fully informed throughout. For more advice please CLICK HERE to contact us.

S5 Solutions - understanding the tight legal timeframes you will need to be aware and how we can help, should you wish to buy your freehold.

Our videos have been designed to help you gain an overview and better understanding of the Right of First Refusal but it is important to remember that they are for information only.
It is vital that you seek valuation and legal advice for your specific circumstances.

View our video guides to understanding Section 5 Notices